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2 Films, Young Black Stallion/Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
2 Films, Young Black Stallion/Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken

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Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken -
Rarely has a film inspired and captivated audiences quite like the real-life story of Sonora Webster.
As a runaway orphan, Sonora (Gabrielle Anwar) gets a job doing clean-up work for Doc Carver's travelling stunt show.
Her biggest wish is to become a star 'diving girl,' but her youth and inexperience stand in the way. Undaunted, Sonora's gutsy determination finally convinces Doc (Cliff Robertson) to give her a break.
Just when she appears on the brink of stardom, however, a twist of fate threatens to destroy her dream. With the help of a loving friend (Michael Schoeffling, Mermaids).
Sonora faces her biggest challenge yet to prove to herself and the world that wild hearts can't be broken!

Young Black Stallion
Experience the spectacular prequel to a family favourite, The Black Stallion - stunningly filmed to tell a powerful story of friendship.
When a young girl, Neera, is lost in the desert, she meets a remarkably fast and wild black colt.
They bond and find their way back home, only to realise her grandfather's horse-breeding days are over. Neera decides to enter a gruelling horse race against fearsome opponents to restore her grandfather's reputation.
But she must risk losing her best friend - the young black stallion.
(Region: 2 / 1 Discs)
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