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Free Ads Guide
Capture your image, and then place your Free Ad.
With no calls routed through expensive numbers or connection Fees!
And with none of the below, you can’t help but feel your Ads working for free.
No Ad Fees!
No priority Ad Fees!
No membership Fees!
No photographs Fees!
No sliding scale Ad Fees, depending on what you are selling!
If you have a Cat / Dog / Horse or Pony for sale or adoption, advertising with PET-CO couldn't be easier.
Don’t forget, you can place as many Ads as you like (no duplicates)
Free! Ads automatically expire after 28 days, then Simply! renew. 
Reaching a large audience, in a Simple - cost free way!
Welcome Guest. 
Just log into your account.
If you don’t already have an account it’s easy to register, when you enter your account, you will have access to all our services.
How to add an Advert:
When you enter your account, click on the Advert button, then just, select which type of advert you'd like, from the list.
Simply fill in the advert form, and select any picture you want to upload, and click the add advert button, Your advert has now been added to your list of adverts."

Want to add more images?
Just click on edit Ad, and upload further images, or delete images.
If your images are very large, they may have to be reduced. You can reduce them using your computers editing facilities.
Altering your Advert?
If you need any price changes or details updating after your Ads active.
Simply! Use the contact form, on the home page, stating the following:
Customer name.
Advert Headline.
Catagory the Ads placed.
Then any changes to the price or description you require. 
If your Service / Pet / Horse or Pony is not in the main drop down box, then just select (other) at the end of the list, this covers all other Categories.

Awaiting Validation.
As soon as a member of staff reviews you’re Ad, if it meets our terms and conditions, we will then proceed to validate that Ad, we aim to achieve this within 24hours.
"We think animal welfare is very important, so if you’re thinking of purchasing a new Cat / Dog / Horse or Pony.
Please remember they can live for many years, they will need care and companionship, access to regular water / food & grooming, regular veterinary care.
Just some of the things to remember, before purchasing your new addition."
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