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Beyond the Horizon, Heartland Book
Beyond the Horizon, Heartland Book

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Special Edition

Being away from Heartland has been anything but easy for Amy Fleming.

The work at the horse sanctuary was her life for years.
Now she is in a pre-vet program, and she has new challenges and new friends.

Amy refuses to believe anything has changed.
But as soon as she's come home for spring break and been reunited with her boyfriend, Ty, she gets a call from another vet student.

Will Savage is on a ranch in Colorado where there's a horse that needs Amy's help.
Torn between her old life and her new one, Amy has to decide.
But, in the end, she learns that she isn't the only one who is moving on...

Product Format: Book Series.
Availability: in stock for dispatch.

Product Code: 9781407104393

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