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Star Dreams, Magic Kitten Book
Star Dreams, Magic Kitten Book

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Product Information

Rainbow Magic with whiskers!
A wonderful mix of cute kittens, magic and friendship - perfect for young children.
Flame is prince and heir to the Lion throne but he is not yet strong enough to stand up to the evil uncle who killed his parents and is trying to claim Flame's throne for his own.
Flame must hide in the human world as a kitten but can't stay in any place for too long for fear of his uncle finding him.
So Flame travels from family to family in various kitten guises using his, often chaotic, magic spells to help those who need it along the way.
Jemma really really wants to win the dance audition to win a place at A-One stage school.
But she doesn't see how she can when she has to stay at home and help her mum look after her younger brother and sister.
But suddenly when a tiny tabby kitten with crackling whiskers turns up, it all seems possible...

Product Code: 9780141320168

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