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The Beginners Guide To Dog Agility
The Beginners Guide To Dog Agility

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Digging holes in the backyard, chewing a hole in your favourite sock, running laps in the kitchen - dogs are always on the move.
Why not channel some of that indefatigable energy into a hobby that can be fun for both you and your furry friend?
Training your dog (and yourself) for agility competitions will create a fun working relationship that both of you can enjoy.
Find everything you need to know in this fun guide that includes information on pre-agility training, detailed advice on correction-free training, and step-by-step agility training techniques.
Also learn how to make your own agility obstacles, use a clicker as a motivational tool, and officially enter agility trials.
Participating in agility competitions can build a strong, enduring bond between you and your dog.
Read "The Beginner's Guide to Dog Agility" to learn the ins and outs of this exciting hobby.
Product Format: Book Series.
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