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A Boy And His Dog
A Boy And His Dog

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The year is 2024 and after a fourth World War the earth is a desolate wasteland.


Across this is nomadic loner Vic hungrily searching for cans of food buried deep beneath the radioactive ash.


His telepathic dog Blood depends on Vic for food, but Vic needs Blood to locate something much more scarcely: female companionship.


After Blood sniffs out particular woman she seduces Vic and lures him back to an underground society where the old ways of life have been recreated.


In this utopian scenario where all males are infertile the virile Vic is in desperate demand to rebuild the population.


However, with no dogs allowed can he say goodbye to his only lifelong companion and is this newfound society really all it appears?


(Region: 2 / 1 Disc)


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