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Mouse Scratcher, Large
Mouse Scratcher, Large

Price: £11.99

Product Information

Armitage Scratching Board for cats.

Cat scratcher to help alleviate furniture damage
Includes toy to encourage play and exercise
sisal board for longer lasting fun
Contains catnip to drive your cat wild.

By Encouraging your cat or kitten to use this cat scratcher, it will save
not only your furniture but allow them to sharpen their claws without
causing destruction to your home! To encourage your feline friend to use
their new cat scratcher, catnip has been inserted helping to drive your
cats attention to the cat scratcher not your sofa!

Cats and kittens love to play. Chasing, leaping and pouncing provides
beneficial exercise as well as mimicking their behaviour in the wild.

Dimensions: 36cm x 15cm x 13cm high.

Product manufacturer: Armitage.
Availability: in stock for dispatch. 
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