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The Big Red Dog
The Big Red Dog

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Product Information

As Big as a house! As Red as a fire engine! And the Dog that every kid wants!

Clifford is a Big Red bundle of fun - and whilst entertaining children of all ages, he also teaches them values and important life lessons.

Join Clifford in four fun-filled episodes and see how he and Emily Elizabeth first meet and become friends.

Little Clifford: When Emily Elizabeth first met Clifford, he was the 'runt' of the litter. With lots of love, this 'runt' becomes the biggest dog around!

Welcome To Birdwell Island
Clifford grows so big that he and the Howard family must move from the city to Birdwell Island. Now, the islanders are in for a Big surprise!

Cleo Comes To Town
When Cleo moves to town, T-Bone doesn't want to share Clifford's friendship. Clifford teaches him how everyone can be friends.

A Ferry Tale
Emily Elizabeth wants Clifford to stay clean for the 'Dog of the Year' contest, but he just keeps getting dirty!

(Region: 2 / 1 Disc)

Product Code: 5050582320879

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