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Little Heroes 3, Top Dogs
Little Heroes 3, Top Dogs

Price: £3.99

Product Information

International criminals steal a Top Secret Defence microchip and after a high-speed car chase they are arrested and land in the same jail as Slick and Carny our two bungling dim-wits!

Just before Slick and Carny are about to be released, the criminals slip the microchip into Carny's food to smuggle it out.

But the bowls get mixed up and the criminals don't know which one ate the chip!

Waiting outside to nab them are Miss Clorine, the devious mastermind behind the heist of the microchip, and her Sumo-size henchmen.

They take the dim-witted pair to a hi-tech lab in an attempt to force the chip out of them.

Samson and Hercules, our 'Little Heroes', attempt an incredible and daring rescue that ends in a side-splitting climax.

Set against a parade of thousands in Downtown Los Angeles and an outrageous Sumo championship!

Product Code: 5035760500946

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