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Freeway Firm Slicker Brush
Freeway Firm Slicker Brush

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Product Information

Grooming long, parted coat
Before brushing, spray the coat with coat conditioner or coat dressing. Part the hair from the nape of the neck to the base of the tail.
Brush one section at a time in long, gentle strokes. To fluff the coat, brush lightly over the top of the coat to set. Brush from bottom up and from shoulders forward to fluff the ruff.
Fluff any area in which your pet has a thick coat, such as tail body and chest.

Grooming wire coat (Terriers & Schnauzers)
Brush thoroughly to remove loose coat, stimulate the skin and loosen dead coat. Brush first in the direction of the hair growth, then brush in the opposite direction to remove tangles.

Grooming curly or wavy coat (Poodles)
Since dogs with this kind of hair tend to have dead hairs matted, they need to be brushed more frequently than other breeds.
Before brushing, spray the coat with coat conditioner or coat dressing to keep it soft; brushing a dry coat will result in breakage.
Brush the hair from the base to the tips of the hairs and part the hair as you go.
Thick coats should be brushed first in the direction of the hair growth and then gently brush in the opposite direction to fluff the hair.

• Ideal for small breeds & cats
• Stimulates hair follicles to promote hair health & re-growth
• Removes dead hair from undercoat & topcoat
• Efficiently eases tangles & mats
• Fluffs up & beautifies the coat
• Ergonomic non-slip handle
• Air cushion mounted bristles help reduce excessive brushing force
Product manufacturer: Scruffs.
Availability: in stock for dispatch.
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