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Down To Earth Dressage
Down To Earth Dressage

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Product Information

In this wonderfully useful book, British Olympian and National Champion Carl Hester makes dressage training accessible to everyone.
He shares step-by-step guides plus vital tips for improving the horse s gaits (or 'paces,' as they say in England) and riding the full range of dressage movements.
Down to Earth Dressage includes over 100 specially taken photos of Carl schooling his horses, from "babies" to grand prix.
It is ideal for training all types of horses and for all levels of riders from novice to expert.
There is truly a wealth of information jam-packed within these 112 pages which makes this book a real value for the money.

(Author) Carl Hester / (Paperback) 112 pages / (ISBN) 9781872119205
Product Format: Book Series.
Availability: in stock for dispatch.
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Product Code: 9781872119205

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