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If Your Cat Could Talk
If Your Cat Could Talk

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Product Information

For anyone who owns a cat or is considering moving in with one, get to know your cat and learn to encourage good behaviour.
With this in-depth guide to cat conduct from the UK's No.1 vet, Dr Bruce Fogle.
Have you ever wondered why cats scratch the furniture, or dig up houseplants (and how you can stop them)?
Pick up practical solutions to unwanted behaviours, using easy-to-follow techniques. Find out how they play, what gets them angry and how they protect their territory.
Explore cat senses, grooming, eating and exercise and find out how your pet is communicating to you through its body language and habits.
Learn to spot what sort of cat a kitten will grow into and make sure you choose the right temperament to suit you.
This is the purrfect guide to understanding your cat.
Product Format: Book Series.
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